Jason Porter

In 2004, Jason Porter founded Central Maine Researchers and Investigators of the Paranormal. (C.M.R.I.P). Jason invested his time into research and   investigating after having many paranormal experiences throughout his life.  C.M.R.I.P. rapidly became one of the most prestigious paranormal teams in New England.  The management of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) recognized and quickly made C.M.R.I.P. a member of the TAPS Family.   A short time later, TAPS appointed Jason as an official member with responsibility in the role of TAPS Family International Manager.

In 2008, Jason moved to Kannapolis, NC.  After a disappointing process of researching and evaluating many local teams, Jason ultimately founded Carolina Paranormal Society.  With the need for a TAPS Family affiliate and professionally experienced team in Charlotte, Jason brought his expertise and credentials making Carolina Paranormal Society Charlotte’s official TAPS Family team.  In a short span of time, Carolina Paranormal became Charlotte’s premiere paranormal authority and an elite group of paranormal professionals in the South East.   Jason serves as the team’s Founder and Director overseeing all aspects of the team.  Jason also continues his membership and service to TAPS as the TAPS Family South East Liaison.

Jason is married, with no children, but many cats.  When not investigating or educating on the paranormal, Jason works for an environmental service company, participates in civil war reenactments, enjoys NASCAR and interacting with new people.



Mat Owens

In 2005, after many years of independent paranormal research, Mat Owens founded American Spectre (American Society of Paranormal Education, Training and Research).   This organization was dedicated to assisting clients and educating the community about paranormal phenomenon.  Mat’s paranormal interest began with a range of unexplained incidents stemming back to his childhood.  In 2008, Mat Owens met Jason Porter and joined Carolina Paranormal Society at its inception and diverted American Spectre’s effort to Carolina Paranormal.

Mat Owens is Co-Founder and General Manager of Carolina Paranormal Society, assisting Jason Porter in oversight of day to day operations and client management tasks.  Mat is also responsible for the team’s website and engineering of new hardware and software technology for use in investigating the paranormal.

When not investigating, Mat works as a Senior Systems Engineer for a local healthcare company.  Mat is also an avid sports fan and sports car enthusiast.  As a tremendous technophile, Mat spends a lot of free time behind the computer designing software, websites and new technology that he has deployed for organizations all over the Charlotte, NC region.